About Us

Affiliate Services Group, LLC was created to provide a better platform for connecting individuals and business owners to Trusted Providers who are leaders in their industries. By providing an easy-to-connect and managed list of these service focused and knowledgeable Trusted Providers we can help efficiently and effectively provide the right choice for those service and advisory needs through these direct relationships with the quality Trusted Providers.

  • It’s a marketplace where you get to choose the services needed and we can easily connect you with the right company to help you meet that need.
  • The Trusted Providers are chosen based on their experience, field/service expertise and overall customer-service focus to make sure we can offer the right Trusted Providers to meet your specific goals or needs.
  • The focus is on quality and proven providers that are service oriented, cost competitive and want to not only earn your business transaction, but keep your relationship for the long-term.
  • Value of the service and relationship is a key metric we watch and want to make sure you see in any Trusted Provider relationship.
  • We seek your feedback to help manage those provider relationships to make sure those goals of more value with less hassle and overall better service is truly a realization for you with each Trusted Provider you choose.
By opening up our network of Trusted Providers to you our hope is for you to enjoy efficient connections to the right service providers to make your life and business decisions a little bit easier.

Affiliated Business Disclosure

Please review our relationships with affiliate management companies and others that may have directed you to this website as well as your direct relationship structure with the Trusted Providers here in our Affiliated Business Disclosure .